Inbound SMS


Summit will send outbound sms messages, but what about inbound messages? For that we have a configuration setting called sms_inbound_relay, a url you provide that is associated with number you are sending from. When a text message is sent to your number, we will relay JSON data to your sms_inbound_relay endpoint in the form of an HTTP POST.

Sample URL

Sample JSON

    "opt-out": false,
    "body": "Hey! I got your text from that cool Summit App!",
    "date": "2015-01-15 12:33:56",
    "from": "+15551234000",
    "to": "+15559871010",
    "sms_message_id": "ffc8e68e-aef9-4580-a8d3-0ae4ef9b5772"

JSON Fields

  • opt-out – True if the mobile number wants to stop receiving texts from your number.
  • body – The body of the message
  • date – Server timestamp of the message
  • from – The mobile number
  • to – Phone number associated with your account
  • sms_message_id – Unique message ID

Setting Up Your sms_inbound_relay

After logging in to your Summit account, do the following:

  1. Under Numbers –> List, you can click the edit icon (a small pencil) next to the Phone Number you wish to receive inbound SMS at.
  2. Then, set the inbound URL on the Edit Number panel and click Save.

You should begin receiving SMS at your SMS inbound relay URL immediately.